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Welcome to Cromwell College of IT & Management!

Whatever you choose to become in your professional life, choosing the right institution is an important first step. Now is the right time for you to discover how Cromwell College of IT & Management can help you get a solid start on the road to shape your future.

We see education as a medium to transform minds and help individuals discover their inner strengths and uniqueness. We truly believe that real education should enable a person deal with many complex personal and professional challenges effectively.

We offer an education that will last you a lifetime—one that honours cooperative as well as individual achievement, promotes the application of learning to real-life problems, fosters creativity, flexibility and commitment.

At Cromwell College, you matter as an individual and as a person. We take seriously our students’ concerns and suggestions because we truly believe that inputs from students are a great way to understand who we are, where we come from, why we are here, and our connectedness to one another.

Our academic programmes combine excellent classroom learning with real-world learning experiences, preparing you for a lifetime of success.

We carefully select our faculty members who are accomplished individuals and are absolutely committed to offer you the full benefit of their knowledge and experience. There will be half measures in making sure that you experience a wholesome learning experience.

Students will work closely with their tutors from day one meaning that learning will be personalised with a clear road map to achieving learning outcomes.

We value our relationship with students. We endeavour to promote high levels of student achievement by encouraging student-centred, task-oriented, and outcomes-based learning to maximize learner progression.

To know more about our college and what we do, I encourage you to take a tour of our web site, and speak to a member of staff for a friendly chat as to how we can help you carve a better future for you.