Entry Level Award in Using ICT (Entry 3)

In this course, you will learn how to: use a PC; use Internet to find information online; communicate electronically using an email application; create a document in a Word Processing application and format text.

What will I learn on the course?

Unit 1: Displaying Information Using ICT

  • Open Software Application: Word Processing
  • Create a document
  • Enter text and numbers accurately
  • Insert an image using Clip Art
  • Save documents
  • Spell check text
  • Print documents
  • Open an existing document and retrieve information
  • Edit data: Cut/Copy and Paste
  • Format text: Font size, Font Style and Font Colour
  • Align text
  • Emphasis text

Unit 2: Using ICT to Find Information

  • Search to find specific information on the Internet
  • Search websites using the address bar
  • Search for information using a search engine
  • Use removable media – CDs and USB stick
  • Use the help facility in Word Processing to find the procedures of new skills
  • Print from web pages

Unit 3: Communicating Information Using ICT

  • Create an e-mail account
  • Access email application
  • Compose and send emails
  • Receive and read email messages
  • Reply to emails
  • Print emails
  • Delete emails

Your tutor will give you more information about the course at your first session

Are there any entry requirements?

This class is suitable for students who have no or little knowledge of using PCs or Internet.

How will I be taught?

Classroom based (including practical work where applicable)

How will I be assessed?

Formal assessment in class

Tutor observation

Our IT Functional Skills qualifications are accredited and awarded by OCR (Oxford Cambridge RSA).


All learners are entitled to use computers & learning materials.

There is free guest Wi-Fi available in the College

Can I receive advice and guidance about further education opportunities and careers?

Yes. To find out more about what may be available to you please contact our Advice Team on 0208333300 or email info@cromwellcollege.co.uk.

What can I do after the course has finished?

Further IT courses at Cromwell College

Who should I contact with any questions?

For any general enquiries, please contact the Learner Enquiry Centre on 0208333300 or complete an online query at https://www.cromwellcollege.co.uk/enrol/