Data Science

Data Science is an emerging area of science. Through our masterfully-designed training programme you can develop the skills and knowledge to analyse data in multifarious forms and communicate insights.

The demand for data scientists has grown exponentially and is set to grow even more in the coming years. Part of the reason is that the amount of data in the world is growing and expanding at a mind-boggling pace. Add to that the diversity of data that we all have to deal with. Whether you are analysing the performance of a car engine, figuring out the behaviour of gamblers or detecting the profile of Internet users, the demand and the need for professionals with skills in field of Data Science will be huge.

Our programme spans the intersection of computer science and statistics, machine learning and practical applications. You will be trained to immerse and explore areas such as visualisation because an essential feature of Data Science is about generating insight into data and communicating in practice.

Machine learning is perhaps the most exciting technology for data and it is regarded highly when it comes to actual work.

With us you get exposed to the latest developments on presenting and communicating data with a touch of excellence.


We will provide you with a Career Adviser who will assist you in the following areas:

  • Networking: We will arrange business meet-ups with companies.
  • CV Building: Interview training, help with creating a professional CV.
  • Project Portfolios: Your project will be an attestation for your training.
  • References: Upon successful completion of the training, we shall be more than happy to provide you with professional references.


We offer two types of Data Science training:

Data Science Professional: This is a 6-week training programme. It is an intense Data Science Professional programme designed for quick career transformation.

Data Science Master: This is an 11-week training programme. It is a full-time, most comprehensive programme designed to train you to become a Data Science Master.