OCR Level 1 Award in IT User Skills (ITQ)

In this course, you will learn about File Management, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

What will I learn on the course?

File Management

  • Understanding File Management (Create, Copy/Move, paste , Delete, rename, find)
  • screen print (paste into a word doc, resize the screen print to make the content visible, save and print)

Microsoft Word

  • Emphasizing text, copy/cut and paste text, page borders, etc
  • Insert Header/Footer
  • insert automatic date & filename
  • use print review and set paper size for printing
  • set page margins
  • apply bullet points, understand automatic indenting of bulleted and numeric lists
  • use of word count
  • put list in chronological & alphabetical order
  • line spacing, find & replace words
  • insert clear line space paragraphs
  • insert & edit a table

Microsoft Excel

  • Create/save/print an Excel file
  • Add/Edit data into an excel sheet
  • apply different formats, borders & shading
  • Auto fill (days & numbers)
  • insert header/ footer
  • carry out calculation by using Sum, average and Autosum function
  • copying formula and functions down and across the columns
  • Insert/ Edit graphs & charts (types, when they should be used)

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Create/open/save a PowerPoint presentations
  • Using a Slide Master ( house style, layout, frames, background color, insert footer and header, text levels, page number, slide orientation, emphasise text, font size, color, insert images, etc)
  • Printing Slides and Consolidation (understand printing styles)

Your tutor will give you more information about the course at your first session

Are there any entry requirements?

This class is suitable for students who has used a PC and are familiar with Internet & an email application or holds an E3 qualification in IT.

How will I be taught?

Classroom based (including practical work where applicable)

How will I be assessed?

Formal assessment in class

Tutor observation

Our IT Functional Skills qualifications are accredited and awarded by OCR (Oxford Cambridge RSA).


All learners are entitled to use computers & learning materials.

There is free guest Wi-Fi available in the College

Can I receive advice and guidance about further education opportunities and careers?

Yes. To find out more about what may be available to you please contact our Advice Team on 0208333300 or email info@cromwellcollege.co.uk.

What can I do after the course has finished?

Further IT courses at Cromwell College

Who should I contact with any questions?

For any general enquiries, please contact the Learner Enquiry Centre on 0208333300 or complete an online query at https://www.cromwellcollege.co.uk/enrol/