Level 3


Join Cromwell College of IT & Management to discover and experience our unique approach to teaching and learning. At Cromwell, we aim to create, develop and nurture individuals to develop their latent potential and untapped abilities through practical methods of learning and training.
We realise that any theory becomes useful only when it is put to test. We do just that. We prepare students to meet the challenges of the real-world. We shape their thought processes to reflect and inquire like a master strategist. We impart modern teaching blended with traditional values of education.
Our approach combines fresh perspectives and concepts with practical assignments and employability skills.


Our hand-picked courses are from highly reputable education and examination bodies. These courses are designed to help you learn, acquire, develop and employ your knowledge and skills across a wide range of situations. The courses have clear outcomes so you will know, right from the outset, what you will learn and what is expected of you to be successful and effective in whatever you do.


Our academics bring with them outstanding credentials. The team is a blend of industry practitioners, entrepreneurs and academics. The teaching team has several years of teaching experience, publication records, and business experience.
We constantly seek ways to incorporate in our teaching a range of methods from lectures, group discussions, role plays, videos, business games/exercises, field visits, debates to brain storming sessions.
The assessment is not limited to exams and assignments but involves a variety of techniques to ensure that students have options to showcase their competence and talent in myriad ways. Our assessment involves case study analysis, designing a portfolio, dealing with a work-based problem, report writing, conducting research, presentations, preparing posters, role play, simulating a business situation, seminars, project work, quizzes and many more. We constantly research and experiment to impart new ways to develop our students. In short, our commitment to education is matchless.
We instil strong sense of ethics and passion into our academics, and expect them to bring entrepreneurial leaders out of our students. There is no compromise when it comes to learning. We live by our promise.